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Oaxaca, Mexico has a rich lepidopteran fauna with almost 1000 species of butterflies recorded!  Butterflies seen on past trips (and that we were able to identify) have included the following.  Thanks to John & Melanie Dicus for their identification help.

Skippers (Hesperidae)
Tropical checkered skipper
Two-barred flasher
Yellow-tipped flasher
White-crescent longtail
White-striped longtail
Dorantes longtail
Laviana white skipper
Bold mylon
Inimical skipper
Gold-tufted skipper
Yellow-stained skipper
Blue-collared firetip

Swallowtails (Papilionidae)
Two-tailed swallowtail
Giant swallowtail
Torquatus swallowtail
Polydamas swallowtail
Ruby-spotted swallowtial
Long-tailed kite-swallowtail

Whites & Sulphurs (Pieridae)
Great southern white
Florida white
Black-painted tilewhite
White-angled sulphur
Yellow-angled sulphur
Cloudless sulphur
Large orange sulphur
Orange-barred sulphur
Northern melwhite
Barred yellow
Dainty sulphur
Narrow-banded dartwhite
Golden dartwhite

Blues & Hairstreaks (Lycaenidae)
Great purple hairstreak
Ceraunus blue
Cassius blue
Reakirt's blue

Brush-footed butterflies (Nymphalidae)
Gulf fritillary
Variegated fritillary
Mexican fritillary
Mexican silverspot
Erato heliconian
Mountain longwing
Isabella's heliconian
Crimson patch
Red-spotted patch
Myia crescent
West coast lady
Painted lady
Tropical buckeye
White peacock
Banded peacock
Rusty-tipped paige
Dingy purplewing
Red rim
Glaucous cracker
Guatemalan cracker
Ruddy daggerwing
Many-banded daggerwing
Tropical leafwing
Pale-spotted leafwing
Tiger leafwing
Silver emperor
Orange mapwing
Godman's mapwing
Leading redring
Four-spotted sailor
Navy eighty-eight
Anna's eighty-eight
Pale eighty-eight
Blomfield's beauty
Pine satyr
Carolina satyr
Brown-rimmed clearwing
Thick-tipped greta
Klug's clearwing
White morpho
Blue morpho sp.


Last updated: October 25, 2007.