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These gorgeous photos from Belize were taken my good friends, great birders, and all around fun people Misty Vaughn (MV), Bob Lewis (BL), Wendy Naruo (WN), Steve Zarate (SZ), Michele Weisz (MW), Jerry Johnson (JJ), Mary Ellen Moore (MEM), and Robert Stokstad (RS).  They are a small sample of the wonders that await you in this spectacular country.

Collared Aracari (MV)  

Tody Motmot (RS)

Blue-gray Tanager  (MV) 

Cochlospermum Vitifolium

Central American Agouti (SZ)  

Black-headed Trogon (SZ)

Azure-crowned Hummingbird (SZ) 

Crooked Tree Sunrise  

Dirce Beauty

Emerald Toucanet (MW)

Collared Trogon  (MV)  

Frangipani Caterpillar - Psuedosphinx tetrio (MEM)

Barred Antshrike (WN)  

Black-Howler Monkey (SZ)  


Brown Basilisk (SZ)  

King Vulture (SZ)

Black-collared Hawk  (MV)

Golden-hooded Tanager  (MV) 

Bullhorn Acacia with extrafloral nectareis and Pseudomyrmex ants

Gray-headed Tanager  (MV)

Keel-billed Motmot  (MV)  

Laughing Falcon (SZ)    

Pook's Hill Entrance

Ocellated Turkey (SZ)  

Wilson's Snipe (SZ)

White-whiskered Puffbird  (MV)  

Pook's Hill Cabana and Mayan Ruin

White Hawk (MV)

Stygian Owl (MV) 

Pristine Savanna at Lamanai 

Mask Temple at Lamanai

Tropical Gnatcatcher (MV)  

Caracol from the top of Caana, the Sky Palace

Caracol Temple Detail

Keel-billed Toucan (MV)

Slaty-tailed Trogon (MV)  

Thousand-foot Falls in the Mountain Pine Ridge

Pachira Aquatica on the New River

White-collared Manakin (SZ) 

Northern Potoo (JJ)

American Pygmy Kingfisher (WN)  

Rio Frio Cave

Last updated: September 20, 2018.